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Fiji & Vietnam: Bridge to Opportunity

Our overarching mission this year is to bridge students in both Fiji and rural Vietnam to greater educational opportunities.

Uganda : Playground of Our Dreams

To create a playground that is accessible for students with disabilities in Uganda. We also aim to make coloring books for the children to use in school

Fiji : Give Books, Share Hearts

To donate books and paintings to the students at Nasikawa Vision College in order to provide updated teach materials and enhance their education.

Rwanda : Education Project

To create educational videos, provide textbooks, and supply technology for students in underserved schools.

Chile : Greenhouse Project

To raise money in order to build greenhouses for the families in Chile fighting food insecurities.

Guatemala : Better Hygiene Project

To collect hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and clothes to increase the children’s’ access to clean materials and increase their standard of living.

Korea : Sewol Ferry Tragedy Project

To raise awareness and provide monetary support to the high school students affected by the Sewol Ferry incident.