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From ME to YOU

We strive to honor our motto, “From ME to YOU,” by continuing to work our hardest to help our fellow peers in times of need and do our utmost to help the globe.

Co.Act is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by high-school and college students on the West and East coast of the US, China, Korea, and Africa equalling thirteen branches total. Co.Act’s graduates have gone on to Columbia University, Yale, Penn, Cornell, Duke, UC Berkeley, USC, Boston College, NYU, and George Washington University. Starting 2015, Co.Act has been aiding students in third-world countries by putting together fundraisers and exhibitions, even receiving a letter of gratitude and encouragement from President Barack Obama. Assemblywoman Young Kim and Congressman Ed Royce have also aided Co.Act’s efforts.

미국에서 출범한 Co. Act는 고등학교, 대학생들이 주체가 된 비영리 단체로 미 동서부 및 중국, 아프리카 고등학교에 13개의 Co. Act 지부를 두고 있으며 콜롬비아, 예일, 유펜, 콘웰, 듀크, 버클리, USC, NYU, 존 홉킨스, 조지 워싱턴등 미국의 유수 아이비 및 명문 대학교에 대학부를 운영하고 있다.

Co.Act aims to provide monetary and emotional relief to students around the world who live in disaster-stricken areas. Co.Act has helped students in Central America, Africa, South America, and Melansia. Through multiple annual exhibitions in America and Korea, Co.Act has been able to raise funds in support of other countries.

단체의 설립 목적은 재난 지역의 아이들을 돕는 것으로 매년 열리는 전시회를 통한 모금 활동으로 현재는 아프리카와 중남미의 소외 계층 아이들을 돕고 있습니다.

We have received official recognition and a personal letter of appreciation from President Barack Obama for our support to those lives lost on the Korean Sewol Ferry in 2014.

또한 세월호 사건, 칠레 지진 사태등으로 피해를 입은 아이들을 도와 오바마 미대통령으로 부터 격려 편지도 받은 바 있습니다.

For our 2018-2019 term, Co.Act is currently working to improve the facilities of an elementary school in Uganda. We are creating blueprints to build a playground suitable for children with disabilities. We are also providing coloring books made by our very own Cooperation Act members.

Uganda : Playground of Our Dreams


HIgh School

  • Troy High School
  • Oxford Academy
  • Valencia High School
  • Cypress High School
  • Los Alamitos High School
  • Sunny Hills High School
  • Crescenta Valley High School
  • Newark High School


  • Columbia University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Upenn University
  • Cornell University
  • NYU
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • William & Mary
  • Boston College
  • Berkeley
  • USC
  • UCI
  • Washington St. Louis
  • George Washington University
  • Emory University
  • University of Virginia
  • Seoul International School
  • Cheong Shim International Academy
  • Dae Won Foreign Language
  • Han Kuk Academy of Foreign Studies
  • Jin Seon Girls’ High School
  • Se Jon Science High School
  • Han Young Foreign Language High School
  • Dulwich College
  • Se Hwa High School
  • Korea International School
  • Chadwick International School
  • Yong San International School Seoul
  • Dae Won International Middle School
  • Jung Ja Elementary School
  • Do Sung Elementary School
  • Together
  • SNT Academy
  • Sewha